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The Big Red Rock

The Big Red Rock

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**The Big Red Rock Book & Felt sets will ship out starting October 14th

The Big Red Rock by Jess Stockham

When Bif, a small green monster, finds a big red rock blocking his way, he decides it has to go. But how? Nothing he tries will move it. Bif’s friend, Bop, knows some monsters who might be able to help. When none of their methods work, they all have to work together and decide what to do next with surprising results!

Includes The Big Red Rock book.

Felt Pieces Included:

  • Big Red Rock
  • Rocket
  • Cereal Bowl
  • Bif (light green monster)
  • Dark blue monster
  • Light blue monster
  • Dark green monster
  • Red monster
  • Yellow monster
  • Orange monster
  • Pink monster
  • Purple monster

Used with permission from Child’s Play (International) Ltd, c 2017

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